Helping educate girls

from developing regions of the world, indirectly empowering our society and the world

Ursuline congregation is already helping 598 young girls every year with their future Education!

Come join us and help bring education to more of them.

VitalAbc Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium quality vitamin supplements to the world and donate 100% of the profits from the sale of our product towards funding future education for girls in developing countries.

Every time you buy our product, all the profits from that purchase go towards the education of girls.  To ensure that we can maximize profits, we sell our products directly to you without any middlemen.

Our Profit goes into this Cause!

Today we are seeing the transformation from a society that includes women to a culture that empowers women. Each woman is entitled to be respected, accepted and educated.   

Don’t we all want to see a progressive, women-driven society. By participating in the education of the girls from the undeveloped & developing countries around the world, we give them a fair chance at their future and our society.

To put this vision into action, we have partnered with Ursuline Congregation, a social organization in Belgium, Africa and India that sponsors and provides education in various tribal areas of India, the Congo (Africa), and other parts of the world.

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Our objective is to donate 100% of the profits to this cause.

We need 200 Euros per year for each girl.

Below is the breakdown of 

how the 200 Euros are utilised for each Girl Student

Expense Pie chart

We are on a mission to educate at least

1000 girls,

You can be part of this wonderful mission!


Being a member of this movement allows you to witness the girl’s education and growth throughout her journey. We send you six-monthly school reports, appreciation letter from the child, and photos.

We intend to make this special for you by maintaining constant contact with the child. Join us in this lovely journey by assisting a girl in obtaining an education.

Education for girls strengthens families, communities, and societies.

Assist us in empowering girls for a better world.

Why Girls ? 

classroom & girl children education

Strong Girls turn into strong backbones of the family & society.

Behind every successful woman, is herself. Our aim is to help educate girls from underdeveloped regions to empower them in order to have an impact on both the local society and the world.

Our project is organized through the Ursuline Congregation of Tildonk based in Belgium. We are in direct contact with the sisters in the developing nations who run and manage the schools. These schools provide education, food, and (if required a hostel for the girls to stay in), so that they blossom into empowered individuals.

We believe that by helping one girl, we help an entire family. If we help several, we can help an entire village. And if we can help a village, we can have an big impact on society as a whole.


Our Impact

We are active in the following Countries


Democratic Republic of Congo

The congregation ‘Osutildonk’, headquartered in Belgium, provides education through several projects around the world. They choose different locations and have people in the local towns and villages, who are directly in contact with the girls. These volunteers are committed and dedicated to help educate the girls.

Every year, the Ursuline congregation supports 598 girls and we wish to increase the girls with your help.


The Democratic Republic of Congo

In Congo, the Ursuline Congregation are engaged in 15 institutions with more than 6,000 students in nursery, primary, middle, college, and higher education. Most of these schools are in rural areas, as the children do not have access to good schooling opportunities.



In India, the Ursuline Congregation are helping to provide education to girls in the provinces of Ambikapur, Gumla, Ranchi and Tezpur. With a total of 105 institutions, over 52,000 students are being educated from primary school to a college level.

picture of girl children education, from corporate profit
girl students in school