Our Society, our resources & our planet

Taking care of our society by helping them make the right choices. Our eco-conscious approach starts by reducing the carbon footprint, using biodegradable bottles (made from excess sugar cane) and recycling packaging whenever possible. We also make wise choices so our business can be better for you – humans AND planet Earth

Our Society, resources & planet

For instance we did our research before deciding the bottles to use for our packaging and we realised in spite of many companies promoting glass bottles as eco friendly they are not so, there are a number of studies about it (https://earth.org/glass-bottles-environmental-impact/)

Our research led us to bottles that are 100% bio-compostable bottles ( what are bio-degradable bottles made of – vegetal-origin, sugarcane). If the right conditions for composting are provided – 90% of the packaging mass will have biodegraded in 6 months or less. Is biodegradable plastic expensive? It is more expensive but it is still a small price to pay for our environment.

The production of sugarcane is coming only from excess capacity in developing countries, which are south-east Asian nations. This allows farmers there with stable prices for their crops and helps them overcome poverty through economic stability.

The carbon footprint is 97% lower than glass bottles and 75% lower then regular plastic bottles.

Using eco-friendly paper labels, packaging for shipping ( recyclable boxes, paper tapes, etc..)

Making a decision not to pack each bottle in a carton box, which we throw in any case after opening and thus contributing to the waste.

Working with farmers, companies who have the same philosophy that put our societies and planet first.

Every single one of us makes choices every day, little or big. We decided to start this company using our resources in the best possible way we can find and we hope you will make good choices too, whatever they may be.

Together we can all make a difference and allow ourselves and future generations to live in a cleaner society and planet Earth!

Comparison of Carbon footprint based on different material of pill jars

Here we show to you the Carbon footprint of the pill jars from our last order that we use in our packaging.  As is clearly evident our bottles emit an insignificant amount of CO2 compared to what our competitors use and want you to believe.

Small steps in the right direction for you and our Planet  :  ).


Our Plant-based products are high in nutrition, antioxidants and enzymes with powerful medicinal properties to support both general health and vitality. 

When you choose a natural plant-based solution you know that the ingredients have been carefully selected for their synergistic qualities. 

For example, when two or more herbs are used together, there is often an increase in the variety of effects and a decrease in any individual side-effects.

Not only do you receive a higher level of benefit from these ingredients, but they have also been shown to be more readily absorbed into the body as opposed to being digested as food by your stomach.  

By using the most efficient process we can create extracts that are easily absorbed.

So many plant-based extracts are available now, it can be difficult to know which ones to look for in a product! As trusted experts, we’re here to help you through the process of selecting the right ingredients for your needs.

We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for.” It’s true! You can find some very cheap plant extracts but if your goal is a high quality product, then it might not be worth going with those options. That’s why we here at Vital Abc advise looking more closely into what ingredients are there in your products.

To sum it Green, plant-based ingredients and diets are not only healthier for people but they’re better for the environment too. Not only do we get to enjoy a more sustainable life because of it; these foods also have less impact on our planet’s ecosystem than animal based products do!

Plant Based